Give your Office a Delicious Catered Meal


Whether you’re managing a large corporate office or a small business, there are numerous reasons to consider ordering a catered lunch for your employees. Increasingly, companies are being encouraged by corporate analysts to see these lunches as a tool of strategic thinking. Whether your goal is to promote employee retention, boost morale, improve employee health, reward productivity, or grow a stronger community amongst your employees; when you need catering, we have you covered. From boxed lunches to brunch buffets, Justin Thompson Catering will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Best practices have shown the benefits that you can achieve by incorporating catered lunches into your business culture, with business savvy magazines like Forbes promoting this trend. As the evidence continues to roll in, more and more employers are taking this step to cultivate and steer their business environment. A guiding truth of this trend has been that employees who are healthy and happy have the highest rates of productivity and the lowest rates of mistakes.

When it comes to feeding your employees, don’t compromise between quality, taste, and health. With JTR Catering, you will always get the highest quality of meals, expertly crafted from the best ingredients to nurture the body and delight the taste buds. Delivery and pickup are both offered, and we are happy to cater to any dietary restrictions that your staff might have. We recognize the importance of tying humanity’s oldest act of community into your business culture; people who eat together work well together.  Listed below are some of the meal options that we recommend for business lunches.


Brunch Buffet

This buffet comes with two appetizer selections, one salad selection, two entrée selections, breakfast sausage, candied bacon, parmesan breakfast potatoes, biscuits & gravy, assorted muffins & pastries, and cookies & brownies. With five appetizers to choose from, two salads, and nine entrees; there is something for everyone in this delicious brunch. This style is an excellent choice for drawn-out events and big appetites.

Boxed Lunches

Both classic and convenient, you can’t go wrong with a boxed lunch. We have six fantastic sandwiches for you to choose from, ranging from roast beef to veggie wraps. Included with these sandwiches is your pick from three salads. These lunches are well suited to meetings or events where you need to feed your employees but don’t want the meal to distract from the work at hand.


Lunch Sandwich Buffet

Communal yet classic, everyone enjoys a good sandwich buffet. Select up to three types of sandwiches from a menu of eight and choose up to two accompaniments from a list of seven. Whether you want an italian club with a side of pesto pasta salad or a blt croissant with truffled potato salad, this buffet holds the answer. Less subtle than boxed lunches, this buffet can provide the perfect addition to any meeting or event.

Hot Lunch Buffet

Reminiscent of home-cooked meals and full of delicious, hearty options, this buffet will make the office feel like home. Choose from entrees like our famous house-made meatloaf or our mouth-watering trout amandine. Along with these entrees, there are four salads to consider, including such pleasers as the bistro frisée and our fresh berry salad. To top it off, pick your two favorite accompaniments from a list of ten delectable options. Combining the comfort of traditional dining with the convenience of buffets this buffet is an excellent choice for those events that call for a full meal.


Whether planned events or last-minute meetings, catered business lunches can save the day. Contact us today!