Five Chefs for the Farmers Market


Oklahoma recently had some of the worst flooding that we’ve experienced in decades. Throughout the state, locals are finding innovative ways to help each other recover from the damage. We wanted to help donate to this cause and some of those that were heavily impacted were the local farmers, many of whom were severely set back the floods. Five Chefs— Justin Thompson, Ian Van Angeln of Lowood, Seth Jordan of the McNellies Group, Nico Albert of Duet, and Joel Bein of Rub Food Truck joined forces to try to make a change via the Five Chefs for the Farmers Market dinner.

The Chefs and their supporting staff all donated their time and sales to put together a locally sourced five-course wine dinner to help create an endowment for the Tulsa Farmers Market to help cover the costs associated with weekly trips to the market to sell their goods. Thanks to extremely generous donations by friends of the Farmers market and the Lobeck Taylor foundation, 100% of the food costs were also covered, and Thirst Wine Merchants, Premium Brands Wine & Spirits, Putnam Wines all donated wine for the pairings.

The June 30th dinner sold out in just a few days, and we were so excited to see the community rally behind such a great cause. There were so many asking for a second dinner, we decided to open up a second date on July 14th and can’t wait to do it all again!

Special thanks to many of the local farms who we sourced ingredients from for the dinners: Prairie Thyme Farm, Hungry Duck Farm, Tria Yang Farm, McClain’s, Christine Farms, Prairie Creek Farms, Roark Acres, Shelby & Ross Produce, Neng Thao Farms, Canadian Valley Farms, Joe’s Farm, and others.

We wanted to post up a little gallery of the event, and hope you enjoy.