Summer Inspiration for Catered Events


With the June solstice only a few weeks behind us, we’re now fully into summer and all that it entails; long days in the sun, refreshing dips in the pool, outdoor festivities and games, and so much more. Better than any of these, though, are the summer foods that fill this time of year. If you’re planning a catered event this season, you’ll be delighted by our assortment of summer themed dishes!


Justin Thompson Catering has recipes suited for every season of the year, but summer holds a special place in our hearts. With fresh, locally grown produce and a love for the season, our chefs will have your mouth watering in no time. Whether you’re planning a rehearsal dinner, a business party, or just a fun summer gathering with your friends, a quality catered meal can make all the difference. When deciding on a menu for your event, matching the dishes to the season can add a layer of nuanced immersion that will really make the experience stand out for you and your guests.  

Try our herb crusted salmon with a side of haricot verts and watch your guests be transported right out of the summer heat and into the refreshing ambiance of an ocean breeze. If your event calls for a less formal atmosphere, then consider pairing one of our gourmet sandwiches with a summery side to create a light and laid-back sensation. With options such as our BLT croissant paired with a bowl of fresh fruit or a mixed green salad, you can’t go wrong.  

Sometimes, we want to embrace the heat, not run from it. For those souls looking to become one with summer, we offer a variety of exquisitely grilled dishes. Plenty of folks fire up their grills in the summer, but do your neighbor’s steaks come out looking this good? I didn’t think so. Whether it’s a seared seabass with sides of roasted broccolini or a filet of beef tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes, you can’t go wrong for your summer event!


There is also something to be said for lighter eating in the summer. Nothing is quite so rejuvenating as a platter of fresh fruit under a hot summer sun. Truly, no summer event is complete without an assortment of vibrant fruit to provide that cooling sensation while delivering a burst of sweet flavor. Our fresh seasonal fruit platter can fit into any summer event and is sure to provide your guests with that cold, tasty treat that can make any venue feel like a beachfront resort.

Don’t let the season hold you back, fold it in, and make it part of your event. Explore our extensive catering menu and find the right food for your event. Call us today to create a customized menu for you and your guests.